• Color Matching: 60 + combinations 
  • Attachment: 4 inch premium tape
  • Quick Application: 2 hours maximum

  • Flat and durable: Quikkies conform to the shape of your head and are extremely comfortable

  • Versatile: Wear ponytails, braids and buns with ease

  • Gentle: NO HEAT or special tool

  • Removal: Simple and Damage FREE- Removal requires 1-2 hours 

  • Styling: Follow Home Care Maintenance 

  • Products: Recommended Hairdreams products / Leave-IN heat protectant. 

  • Longevity: 8-10 weeks



  • Shampoo + Condition with recommended Hairdreams products. 

  • When brushing, hold your scalp (attachment) and brush gently working from bottom to top. It is crucial to work from bottom to top, allowing the tangles to brush out FIRST.

  • Shampoo with a MASSAGING motion. DO NOT SCRUB. Scrubbing will create unwanted knots and tangling.

  • Apply Conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. (Avoid attachment area)

  • Towel DRY and apply a leave in conditioner (heat protectant) from mid-shaft to ends. Using a brush or comb, carefully work from bottom up keeping a secure hold on your attachment/bond.

  • Blow-DRY 75 percent of the water/moisture out before using a brush to style.