The reality about EXTENSIONS

Goals + Lifestyle +Maintenance +Pricing

 Creating a solid foundation of hair allows women to create the ultimate style.

I have been certified in extensions for over 10 years and have gained a significant amount of information that will enhance your experience and extension application.  Three key factors that play into your future investment are GOALSLIFESTYLE and MAINTENANCE.


The MOST important factor in consultation

What is your ultimate goal? 

Do you have realistic expectations?

The dreaming process is a crucial part of all GOALS. Get inspired and search Pinterest.
Create an inspiration board and see what you gravitate towards. 


Your lifestyle plays a MASSIVE role into what kind of extension you want to invest in long term. This will determine if Hairdreams Quikkies, Hairdreams Strands, or Hairdreams Nano are the right fit for YOU. 

What type of activities do you do on a daily basis?

Do you wash your hair everyday?

What kind of products do you use?

Are you willing to invest time everyday to make sure your extensions LAST? 


When you invest in any set of extensions, you need to think about the long term maintenance. Every extension application is custom and requires tender loving CARE.  HOME CARE is the crucial and will determine the longevity of your service. 


Pricing depends on application and goal. Each application is different and requires a consultation to properly give you an efficient quote. 

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