SS Beach Waves

SSBW require 2 products, 2 tools, and minimal steps! 
This simple step-by-step guide will help you create waves that will enhance your every day.  

Listed below is a breakdown of tools, products, enhancements
two ways (WET + DRY) to successfully complete this LOOK!


BREAKDOWN: I am going to show you two ways to create beach waves. Both WET + DRY. 


  • APPLY Loreal Professional Cream to wet hair. This leave-in will reduce frizz and keep your waves soft + shiny. Brush thoroughly with Wet Brush.
  • SPRAY Tecni Art Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray evenly. DO NOT BRUSH.
  • TWIST sections going AWAY from your face. 
  • AIR-DRY for 20-60 minutes depending on hair density and texture. 
  • FLIP your head upside down and scrunch with hands lightly. 


  • BLOW-DRY PREP: Apply Loreal Professional Cream to damp hair, brush thoroughly and dry hair 100 percent. This will protect your hair from both your blow-dryer and curling iron. (Built in heat protection.)
  • SECTION your hair into four sections in the back and four sections in the front.
  • CURL your mid-shaft and leave out your ends. 
  • SPRAY Tecni Art Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray evenly. DO NOT BRUSH. 
  • FLIP your head up side down and scrunch with hands lightly. 


  • This curling iron is my GO-TO. I utilize both the 1 inch and 1-1/2 inch for everyday styling.  
  • The Nano Titanium barrel provides smooth frizz free curls and 50 heat settings. 
    (Information provided by Amazon) 

  • I use this specific brush to work out my curls and waves. 
  • The bristles distribute your hair's natural oils throughout each strand leaving your hair smooth and shiny.
    (Information provided by Wet Brush


  • MY GO-TO- my everyday leave-in. It works beautifully with or without heat. Air-dried is softy + shiny. Blown-out is clean, styled, shiny, and lightweight. 
  • This protection cream nourishes the damaged hair fiber while making blow-drying easier. Hair is left stronger, smoother and shinier.
    (Information provided by Loreal Professional

  • This dreamy spray works wonderful on all hair types. It gives you the perfect amount of texture without weighing your hair down. Can be used both Wet + DRY.
  • This texturizing saltwater spray provides beach hair effect for tousled, sexy hair with a matte finish. Spray on roots to ends for texturized volume.
    (Information provided by Loreal Professional)


HAIRDREAMS QUIKKIES EXTENSIONS: 2 packets (6 attachments) of color 65/13