ENHANCE the longevity of your extensions


  • APPLICATION: Do your research! Each application is designed to enhance your hair type and lifestyle.  It's important to consult with your stylist prior to installing any kind of extension.  Your application should be your number ONE priority.  It will determine the longevity of your service. 
  • EXPERIENCE: Make sure your stylist has experience. Ask questions! Investing in an extension service is a long-term commitment. 

  • TOOLS: Blowdryers, flat irons and curling irons play a huge role in upgrading your hair and achieving the ultimate style.
  • BLOWDRYERS:  The first tool we use to enhance the way our hair looks. Investing in extensions? INVEST in a blowdryer. It's the single most important choice you will make. Buying a CHEAP blowdryer will overheat and dry out your extensions.  Spend an average of $100-200.  Getting a good blowdryer will protect your hair from heat damage and save on drying time.  WIN/WIN 

Does your blowdryer have a concentrator?  What is a concentrator?

 The protective attachment that locks into the end of the blowdryer.  EVERY blowdryer comes with a concentrator.  This will decrease the focal concentration of heat and prevent long term damage to your extensions and hair. If it comes in the box, USE IT.


PRODUCTS: My FIRST product recommendation is always HAIRDREAMS shampoo, conditioner, and leave ins. They are formulated specifically for Hairdreams extensions. They are designed to maintain the health and elasticity of 5 star and 7 star hair. Consistency is KEY. When purchasing products consult your stylist first. Home care maintenance is number ONE.

Following the rules is essential to your investment.


  • Shampoo + Condition with recommended products. 

  • Brush twice a day to prevent tangling. When brushing, hold your scalp (at the attachment or bond) and brush gently working from bottom to top. It is crucial to work from bottom to top, allowing the tangles to brush out FIRST.

  • Shampoo with a MASSAGING motion. DO NOT SCRUB! Scrubbing will create unwanted knots and tangling.

  • Apply Conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. (Avoid attachment area)

  • Towel DRY and apply a leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. Using a brush or comb, carefully work from bottom up keeping a secure hold on your attachment/bond.

  • Blow-DRY 75 percent of the water/moisture out before using a brush to style.