Q & A / Hairdreams STRANDS

Getting certified in Hairdreams Strands was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  This system has created an incredible foundation for my business to become extremely successful.  I can completely transform hair in hours and fulfill MAJOR goals.  

Hairdreams Strands is an individual bond that is placed in a specific area that needs to be volumized or lengthened.  This CUSTOM method is GREAT for naturally thin hair. Strands have created a solid foundation of quality and are more flexible then Quikkies. 

Commonly Asked Questions 

1. PRICING? How much should I budget for this service? 

-Each client and application is different.  Your GOALS are the most important factor.  

2. LONGEVITY?  How long do Hairdreams Strands last?

-An application can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on home care maintenance and daily activities. 

2. TIME?  How long does it take to apply Hairdreams Quikkies?

-Each client and application is different. 

3. DAMAGE?  Is this extension application damage FREE?

- I cannot guarantee that your extensions will be damage free. 95 percent of my clients follow home care maintenance and have a successful experience with absolutely NO damage AT ALL.  If you are neglectful with your hair now and don't maintain your current set of locks, extensions will not be the right fit for you. 


Can I use my regular shampoo and conditioner? 

- No! Always use the recommended Hairdreams products. 

Gel, mousse, and leave-ins?

- Avoid the attachment zone and apply your products from mid shaft to ends. 


Can I wear ponytails, buns, and braids?

- Yes!  Absolutely, I create a comfortable application and enough space around your hairline to accomodate all of your daily styles. 

What is the best way to style the extensions?

First, apply a leave-in heat protectant.  Both a cream or spray will work great. Holding the attachment, brush your hair from bottom to the top working out tangles.  Blow dry 80 percent of the moisture out then smooth with a brush.  I recommend using a bigger brush.  Keep HIGH heat away from the attachment. 

6. TRAVELING?  Does the ocean and pool affect the extensions?

- Yes! The salt and chlorine may dry out your extensions.  Make sure to use a leave in conditioner before hitting the water.  When you are done playing, towel dry and apply again. 


ENHANCE your hair and STYLE IQ.