NEW brand/ NEW feel

I was craving some major change.
I wanted YOU to view my brand differently.

I had this DREAM. This dream that became a vision.  I committed to creating interesting content, exploring photography, and more importantly, building an educational foundation of information that reflects who I am.  I wanted to express my love for the industry through my creativity. 

The Bridal Series is THE NEXT BIG THING. Three COMPLETE looks.  Three Tutorials. Photography by Kristen Taylor, Flowers by Flourish Event Design, Video by Visi Productions, Hand Crafted Branding by Second Street CreativeMarketing by Lindsay CummingCoaching and Wellness by Jaclyn Renee.  

I'm here to TRANSLATE my education and inspire you to take the next step. 

The Bridal Series has a SOLID concept.  3 tutorials that were crafted to enhance your every day and extend the longevity of your style.  Each post showcases information that includes products, tools and future maintenance.  My goal is to help you build a foundation of easy-to-follow techniques and simple (yet stunning) looks that can help transform your look and give you the confidence you deserve.


Blowdry 1.JPG
Blowdry 6.JPG


Bridal Curls 1.JPG
Bridal Curls 2.JPG


Bridal Pony.JPG
Bridal Pony 2.JPG